We specialist in digital TV and media communities. We offer various of service ranging from turnkey solutions such as TV and Radio Transmission Systems, Monitoring Systems, Satellite Uplink Vehicles, Digital TV Devices and Content Management Systems.

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Why Us ?


  with a credible leading companies from Asia, Europe and U.S.A. as our partners.


  Most of our products have its own specific in a unique work place.

  Every equipments can be applied for more complicated works and will become your flexible friend in most systems like in broadcast, satellite and cloud network.

  be worthy for your expectation.


Our Product

Cobalt Digital Inc
Video transmission, accelerated file transfer, private CDN, and other IP transmission solutions. These are some of the real-time and file-based data solutions that are at the core of Caton Technology. We focus on provided real-world solutions to the toughest problems facing broadcast and enterprise clients today. Our scalable and robust applications provide a platform for all types of companies to leverage the growth of IP transmission. Our goal is to build the next generation of tools to bring content to the rest of the world.



DK Technologies
March 2018. The world is changing and DK-Technologies together with DK-Audio has changed too so the brands we have protected over almost 31 years will survive to the benefit of our loyal customers. However, we have been forced to say goodbye to a lot of legacy products and concentrate on software development and sales for the never families like the DK1 to 5 range and the DKT7. Upon strong interest from customers support of the popular MSD600M++ family could be included. All legacy product documentation and software will be available on this site over time based on volunteer work so donations for this work are highly appreciated. The best regards Karsten Hansen



Gefei, as an early broadcasting manufacturer in China, we always have been supplying high-performance and cost-effective video equipment since 1995.
We do product design, produce, market and service, has more than 500 turn-key projects in China, more than 300 TV stations end users, and more than 1000 TV channels are using our products. We started international business since 2009, Most of product have been certificated by RoHS, FCC, CE, etc. Today, we are developing on the IP solutions, IT device based, cloud-enabled, software-defined network and workflow for future TV.


Media Excel Inc
A leader in digital video transcoding in the area of Mobile TV, IPTV broadcasting and digital video asset management seeks a highly motivated and experienced Application Software Engineers. Our products incorporate video compression, streaming technologies based on Media Excel's modular, high density DSP hardware and optimized software solutions. Media Excel is comprised of a world-class engineering team, with multiple Ph.D.s in compression technologies that develops some of the leading solutions for video compression, digital signal processing, and hardware/software design.


Mividi Inc
was founded in 2011 in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. The company develops software and systems in the field of TV broadcast and Internet video streaming.
The current product portfolio includes a series of professional software and systems for monitoring, analyzing and managing traditional linear broadcast TV and Internet video services, including IP Video Monitoring System, HLS Analyzers, Multi-viewers, digital AD insertion monitoring and content recognition software, video stream recording systems, network management software etc. In addition, the company is pursuing active research on face recognition and video searching technology.


Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, NTT Com was founded in 1999 as the wholly owned subsidiary of NTT, one of the world's largest telecommunication companies. Consulting solutions give you access to world-class ICT architects, engineers and operations personnel with expertise designing and deploying cloud infrastructure, communication and collaboration, and enterprise application management solutions for global businesses.




In 2000, Company finally realized the product tansformation and set up the project developing china first analog singal LCD monitor/ Rackmount monitor  and Next we development with function of 3D-LUT loading were successfully implement,  There are also other product such Carry-on monitor,  Magic box film grade 4K LCD monitor.








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iFuture Co.,Ltd.
Address: 1115 Soi Sindhorn, Happyland Road, Klong Chan,
               Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 Thailand.
E-mail:  info@ifuture.co.th


iFuture Co.,Ltd. is a professional and leading experienced supplier of technology to Thailand broadcast, post- production, digital TV and media communities. Our clients are from local authorities, educational institution, hotel, leading TV station/TV operator, media studio and production houses.
  Established in 2013, iFuture run by a high level of technical competence. Many of our team have worked in technical and innovative areas of the industry and understand the theory, processes and practices.
  iFuture is a dealer/distributor for industry-leading brands of hardware and software. Besides, we have a systems integration division, a technical support service from individual products to systems and facilitate-wide installations.
  We offer various of service ranging from turnkey solutions such as TV and Radio Transmission Systems, Monitoring Systems, Satellite Uplink Vehicles, Digital TV Devices, Content Management Systems.